From iPhone to iPhone-2.0

From iPhone to iPhone-2.0

There is New Media:

Broadband carries quad-play, mobile comes first.

While we are still wondering what the definitions of mobile phones’ generation as 3G, 3.5G or 4G; iPhone has debuted at MacWorld last Friday and the US third largest mobile-service provider Sprint Nextel is betting on New Media service, instead of purely mobile.

If you have 10 minutes time now, I’ll suggest clicking on the following hyperlink Wireless Broadband's Big Bettor - Then we can forget about all following listed complexities:

1. definitions of mobile generation

2. digital module schemes of TDMA, CDMA and OFDM

3. Packet Switching or Circuit Switching

4. smart phone or iPhone

5. mobile or wireless

6. telecom, information or entertainment

7. spectrum efficiency

8. cost effectiveness

9. AT&T U-Verse or Verizon FiOS

10. MoCA DOCSIS 3.0

11. etc. just forget the technical complexity.

Of course, when you have gone through the transcription of their dialogue in a series of Q/A listed in the above hyperlink, it will also cease your wondering if you had been very much concerned how easily you can enjoy the life from now on.

Today the features of iPhone gives consumer a totally new experience of all-in-one simplicity, from the next year New Media carrier will provide consumer another new experience of affordability, interoperability, speediness together with the simplicity.

[ Would that time be the final battleground among consumer electronics taking on New Media by iPhone 2.0, Origami and other smart-phone + tablet-PC? --Realize the dream of mobile office only?--

[ How would you like to spend the 7 Mbps bandwidth provided by today’s HSPA and 23~57 Mbps bandwidth provided by tomorrow’s WiMAX? --Is it the time to make other dreams of living standard?--

Here we don’t have to mention Digital Convergence anymore for the transformation has been evolving to a certain extent. It’s not a dream anymore. Are we able to manage the proliferated capacity?

How can New Media make it?

Forget about the complexity! Just remember to enjoy it in your life because we are consumer, and deploy it in your business if you are a businessman.

PS: If you need more background information, please click on the above underlined blue characters. You will read more experts’ opinions.